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March, 2014

  • BJP-Congress-AAP-Logo-Nat1India – the world’s largest democracy will hold its national elections in May this year when more than an billion people are expected to vote a new government into power. Coming quick on the heels of a government change in China too, Inchin Closer delves into how these new governments will deal with our age old sweet and sour relations.

    India has predominately 3 major political parties vying for the hot seat to lead the nation – the veteran Congress Party reigned by Sonia Gandhi a surname which resonates warmly in Beijing, the Bharatiya Janata Party controlled by Narendra Modi whose streak of progress in Gujarat has endeared Beijing and the new entrant Arvind Kejriwal of the Aam Admi Party or common man’s party who stands tall against corruption and like President Xi Jinping wants to clean up the system.

    The Indian elections are being keenly watched by China especially since President Xi Jinping plans to visit India later this year and recently expressed to Indian Ambassador Ashok Kantha that its his historic mission to strengthen ties with India. The party that is voted into power will carry the mantle for the next five years and will mark its imprint in sino-indian relations for years to come. Below Inchin Closer looks at what the major contenders have done till date vis a vis China, and what China anticipates of each party.

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  • As China’s economy slows and India’s perks up in anticipation of the national elections in May this year, New Delhi is wooing Chinese investments into the country yet again. Saturation and inflation in the Middle Kingdom is making investments in India attractive, not only for the Chinese but also multinational companies (see Manufacturing in India grows as China slows).

    On Monday, newly appointed Indian ambassador to China Ashok K Kantha met with Shanghai Mayor Yang Xiong to explore trade opportunities between the countries. India is trying to promote the growth of software, pharmaceuticals and raw materials from India to China as India’s trade deficit yawns to US$35 billion from US$19 billion three years ago. China-India bilateral trade dipped to USD 66.5 billion last year and India has been asking China to boost investments to bridge the trade deficit.


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