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October, 2014

  • jack maIts been the summer for Chinese IPO’s. Led by their stalwart Alibaba who recently listed in New York, 54 Chinese companies listed across 15 bourses raising more than US$29.8 billion as compared to US$1.93 billion raised during the same time a year ago. While a majority – 29 companies listed on domestic exchanges in Shanghai and Shenzen raising US$2.4 billion, the remaining 25 companies listed overseas including markets – New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Frankfurt and Tokyo.

    In September this year, Alibaba, China’s e commerce giant who changed global trade and made China the factory of the world, listed on the NASDAQ, raising US$25 billion. Trading under the ticker BABA, priced at US$68 per share, the Hangzhou based company led by Tai Chi enthusiast Jack Ma, surpassed the 2010 offering from the Agricultural Bank of China, which raised US$22.1 billion in it debut on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Of the biggest IPOs in history by cash raised, the top three are now all from mainland Chinese companies, with Chinese lender ICBC in third place, while AIA – the Hong Kong-listed insurer – is in fourth, according to data from Thomson Reuters.The company not only raised the bar for Chinese companies already seeking capital internationally, but also raised the stakes for entrepreneurs in China – a budding lot.

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  • border
    By changing her stance on developing infrastructure along the border with China, India is at risk of taking a few steps back from border discussions the two armies and leaders of state have recently held. Up until now, India was reluctant to develop roads along the Chinese border for fear that it would make it easier for the Chinese army to penetrate India if they did attack. The change in mindset, not only echos New Delhi’s reformed opinion on China but also points towards an onset of  a more aggressive position towards her largest trading partner.

    India recently announced it has plans to invest US$6.5billion (India’s largest-ever single infrastructure project) to construct a 1,800km (1,118 miles) all-weather road which will stretch from Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh state to where the borders of India and China meet with Myanmar. The two nations recently saw tempers flare as the Chinese army invaded disputed areas along the border even as President Xi Jinping was in New Delhi to boost trade, investment and softer ties between the neighbours. While violations of the de facto border are a common affair, the conspicuous timing and motives of the latest intrusion, and its broader implications for Sino-Indian relations, merit greater scrutiny.

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  • image (2)Few days back I spoke about how, if you are a visitor in India, you are bound to come across some or other Festival. There is one more thing that I forgot to mention which you come across in India on a frequent basis is The big “E” – Elections.

    There are a lot of parties in India such as national parties, regional parties and local ones. Believe it or not, since the elections are always held in different regions at different times, it is normal that you may just see some activities of elections while traveling within India. The levels of elections can be huge event as National Elections, State Elections, or smaller ones like District Elections, Municipal Elections and Gram Panchayat Elections (to elect head of villages). No matter what happens ahead, be rest assured its elected by the people.

    If you are in Maharashtra these days, congratulations, you can have a close look at how excited people are. 15 Oct, while I am writing this blog, people of Maharashtra, the largest state in western India are voting to form a state government.  From 7am to 6pm, people can go and vote for their favorite political party. India takes pride in its democracy. It is considered an extremely vibrant democracy. People from all classes and castes come out and vote depending on their own wishes. To show that they encourage their employee to participate in this event, many companies allow their employees to leave the office early or come slightly late. Some offices even give a day off to make sure their staff won’t miss the event.

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  • navratriIf you are a regular visitor or a long-term resident in India, you are always bound to come across some kind of celebrations in between the normal chaos & the fast paced life. Most of the times it’s either a marriage or a festival. Lighting, bright Colorful clothing, various flowers, very often dancing symbolize these festivals spread across different religion & communities of India.

    If you are wondering what’s going on with the colorful lights, loudly played music & dance everywhere these days, well! We are going through the NavRatri (Nava-9 & Ratri-Nights) Festival right now. This is a festival that goes for nine nights. In a highly male dominated Indian society where even Gods have a bigger share of festivals on their side, NavRatri is a rare extravaganza of Goddess. During these nine nights and ten days, nine forms of Shakti(power) / Devi (Goddess) are worshiped. It is the most enjoyable time of the year for Indian ladies because it is the festival especially for their respected Goddess. It represents the importance of women’ s power and they should gain their equality in the society as well. A lot of ladies wear shining traditional dress and dance overnight. Most of times in life, they are only looked as a supporting role, but during NavRatri, they finally play as a leading character!

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  • rajghatHave you ever seen a Prime Minister sweeping the street with such a proud? Just got down the flight from his US trip, the Prime Minister Modi surprised whole India again by holding the broom in front of the public…

    2 October, it is always a very special date in every Indian’s heart. It is the birth anniversary of the father of the nation – Mr. Mahatma Gandhi. He led India to independence and inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world. His idea of “nonviolent civil disobedience” has been influencing on many generations. However, very less people knew that there was one more thing he was keen on – the cleanliness of the nation that has been left beyond for many years. But, this year, at the ceremony of his 145th birth anniversary, PM Modi launched the biggest campaign ever -“Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” (Clean India). He is aimed at making India a clean country by 2019 in order to fulfill the dream of Gandhi at his 150th anniversary.

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