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Customizing our services to fit specific industries, our language and culture programs ensure that your employees speak the same language as your suppliers, international teams understand each other and clients are always satisfied. Having worked with some of the largest companies, Inchin Closer has extensive experience in guiding companies ensuring that goals are met, miscommunication is minimized and productivity is emphasized. Some of the companies we’ve worked with include – Taj Group of Hotels, Mahindra & Mahindra, Reliance Industries, Aditya Birla Group, General Insurance Corporation and Confederation of Indian Industries.

  • A comprehensive language and business culture training program: Which engages participants in understanding best practices, corporate do’s and don’ts, business etiquette and culture. Putting the right words to your actions, we also advise on how to conduct a successful business meeting, the correct decorum in a Chinese / Indian office and what it takes to win over a Chinese / Indian client.
  • Customised brand development and Strategic Advice: Understanding the Chinese consumer and his mindset, we are able to advice companies on the right moves in China. Thinking from a Chinese perspective, Inchin Closer provides strategic insights into positioning your company to grab the best opportunities between India and China. Supplementing these services, we can also conceptualise, create and design customised branding across websites, brochures and presentations to make your brand more appealing to the Chinese and / or Indian market.
  • Cross border integration:  Enabling the seamless transition of employees across the border requires more than just understanding mind-sets. Having to deal with both Chinese and Indian employees on a daily basis, Inchin closer is well suited to plugging the gaps that exist in our different business cultures. We work across divisions, industries and locations – utilizing the best of real time, audio and video resources to make sure employees are satisfied, and comfortable in their new environments.
  • Translation: On time translations by professional native translators, that retain the flavour of the original, Inchin Closer assists in translating documents, emails, websites, presentations etc.
  • Interpretations: Simultaneous or delayed, for large multinational conferences or exhibitions, to understand an equipment engineer or to help decipher delegates, Inchin Closers bilingual professionals can help you interpret between Mandarin, Hindi and English ensuring you make the most informed decisions.
  • Corporate Recruitments:  For companies looking to hire individuals who can speak to more than half the world, Inchin Closer maintains a database of our students, their abilities and language proficiency levels.
  • Business advisory:  Whether you want to set up a new office, understand the local market or discover new business branches, Inchin Closers advisors in both China and India can assist you gain unique insights.

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