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Business advisory Services

biz advisoryIndia and China are amongst the world’s largest and most dynamic economies, own some of the largest psychology research paper topics companies and strategically complement each other. In the next few years, India and China customwriting essays will find more in common with each other, the economies will demand more from each other and we will have an increasing knowledge pool to source from. In short, the potential is phenomenal and Inchin Closer has the right experience to help you maximise returns from your cross border investments.

Below are some of the services we offer – bundled together and standalone –

Business Advisory: Between India and China, nothing can be taken for granted. Although neighbours, our countries operate in drastically different corporate systems. Its therefore important to do your homework well in advance to avoid disappointments once you’ve already sunk in heavy investments. Inchin Closer, assists you in framing your entry strategy, keeping in mind larger global shifts and smaller domestic changes.

Legal services: Establishment of a company in a new country can be trying, Inchin Closer works with experienced legal minds to make sure this process is both smooth and efficient.

Tax services: Taxes can be taxing! This is why Inchin Closers works with professional tax experts to demystify and simplify filing your taxes.

Human Resource services: Ably staffing your company is important, since employees are the pillars that it will stand on. Inchin Closer helps established companies course the right man for the job!

Cultural etiquette: Having worked in both China and India, Inchin Closer recognizes the importance of cultural nuances in getting work done in another country. We both have our quirks, why not learn to assimilate better!

For more information or advice on incorporating a company in China please contact us at [email protected]

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