Corporate recruitments 企业招聘

As India-China bilateral trade touches the US$100 billion mark, the demand for cross border talent is in high demand. In order to help our students and the larger Mandarin speaking community stay up to date with the latest in job opportunities, Inchin Closer constantly updates jobs from companies looking for Mandarin language speakers of all levels.

Many job opportunities for Mandarin language speakers

We believe learning a new language like Mandarin can enhance skill sets and job prospects for professionals across industries and thats why below, we have a list of jobs across sectors, regions and varying levels of commitment. Therefore, whether you are a professional looking to relocate to South East Asia or a housewife keen to put her extra time to better use, our constantly updated list of jobs should have options for you.

For those looking for a job

If you have learnt Mandarin, and would like to gain access to better job opportunities or are looking for a career advancement and want to showcase your ability to speak Mandarin, have a look at the list of job opportunities below. Alternatively, if you are looking for something specific, and can’t find it below, send us your CV with a covering letter; mention your Mandarin ability (HSK level), qualifications, requirements and what kind of job you’re looking for. We currently have a database of 1000+ companies across industries we can circulate your CV to. When we find something that matches your ability and requirements, we will get back to you. The final decision will lie with the company concerned. Please send all the requisite information to [email protected].

Candidates that have completed at least a HSK level 3 or higher are more likely to get a wider selection of job opportunities.

For companies and recruiters 

For companies and recruitment agents or job consultants who would like to post job offers looking for Mandarin speakers, please send us your job description with as much detail as you can – including if possible, the nature of job, employee qualifications and requirements as well as CTC’s. We will be happy to post it on our website and social media, ensure you are able to attract the best talent there is. Send an email to [email protected].

Our services:

  • An extensive, pan-India database of Mandarin speaking Indian professionals with details of Mandarin level, China experience and domain expertise
  • Ability to speak Mandarin and thereby adjudge a professionals Mandarin language skills set and determine if they will be suitable for the job assigned
  • Working experience in both India and China; thereby able to assist professionals culturally adapt to expectations and business goals.
  • Network of Mandarin speaking India professionals for both long and short term employment in all four Indian metro’s
  • Understanding of a Chinese company’s goals and objectives while growing in a developing country like India


Choose a job you love; and you will never have to work a day in your life – Confucius

Listed below are employment opportunities with links to job descriptions by various companies, covering multiple language levels, skill sets, locations, part and full time work as well as work from home opportunities. If you need more information about the jobs, you can write directly to the companies or to [email protected]


Customer Support Specialist for a Singapore based international gaming company. Mandarin Chinese language level required: HSK 1.

Investment Associate / Analyst at Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Beijing. Mandarin Chinese language level required: HSK 3.

Mandarin language translator for a Chinese construction company. Location: Shanghai. Good command of spoken English and Chinese & Construction background and experience are preferred. Salary: 10,000RMB~15,000RMB/Month. For more details contact Inchin Closer.

Associate, Information Services (Chinese) at Bain & Company, New Delhi GBS office. Mandarin Chinese language level required: HSK 5.

Chinese Language Specialist at HP Bengaluru, Karnataka. Mandarin Chinese language level required: HSK 5.

INTERN – Economic Affairs [Temporary] at United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), New Delhi. Mandarin Chinese language level required: HSK 5.

Partner Trust Ops Lead – Chinese at Amazon Bengaluru, Karnataka. Mandarin Chinese language level required: HSK 4.

Customer Success Manager – APAC (Chinese Bilingual) at Zscaler Chandigarh. Mandarin Chinese language level required: HSK 3.

Chinese Speaking Copywriter at HP WW Studio, Gurugram. Mandarin Chinese language level required: HSK 4.

Analyst, Deal Management Professional Services at VMWARE, Bangalore. Mandarin Chinese language level required: HSK 3.

Manager, Partner Engineering (APAC) at Uber, Sydney, Hyderabad and Singapore. Mandarin Chinese language level required: HSK 4.

Disclaimer: This information is provided free of cost and to the best of our knowledge. Inchin Closer is merely an intermediary between the company and potential employees. Please do contact the company directly for further information and details on the job.


这个数据库具有双向服务的优点—— 一是方便需要招聘具备中文能力的印度员工的公司找到合适的人才;二是帮助在中印咫尺取得中级以上水平的学生寻求需要中文能力的全球工作机会。

如果您是企业,并且正在招募具备中文能力的员工,请将具体的职位信息和要求email给我们:[email protected]

如果您是个人,并有意愿在职场上运用您的中文能力,请给我们email,附上您的个人简历,详细介绍您的能力技能。目前我们有千余家企业的数据库,它们横跨各行各业,我们可以为您投递简历。最终的雇佣决定由招聘公司做出。请将所需信息email给:[email protected]