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International certificate

Inchin Closer’s Mandarin courses train and help students to pass the HSK and HSKK exams.

HSK or Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì / 汉语水平考试 is China’s only official International certification for Mandarin language proficiency. While the HSK tests students on their reading, writing and comprehension of the language, the HSKK tests students on their speaking ability. Both tests provide the global standard for Chinese language proficiency from beginner to advanced levels.

If you are a student looking at applying to International universities for further education, the HSK / HSKK exam will help prove your Mandarin ability.

If you are a professional, seeking better job opportunities in the East, the HSK / HSKK will help your future employer to understand your level of Mandarin proficiency.

Lastly, whether for business or just to prove your Mandarin level to yourself, the HSK / HSKK exam is a great international standard to measure your Mandarin by! This is why, Inchin Closer, has developed a special curriculum for Indians to master the HSK and HSKK.

The test is administered by Hanban, a non-government organization affiliated with the Ministry of Education of the Chinese government. It is conducted once a month, at registered test locations across Mumbai. The fees for the course are fixed.  For further details you can email [email protected]

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