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Inchin Closers 3 levels of Mandarin

Inchin Closer conducts three levels of Mandarin classes in India – Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. Customized for corporate, private and group classes all the three programs are designed to be of 18 sessions each bringing to you real life situations using fun, interactive and engaging teaching techniques. Replete with activities, worksheets, language games, tests, culture couture, conversational and writing practice as well as interactive listening and video aids, our courses will make sure you are armed with the right words in China.

  • Beginners

    Learners will learn to speak, listen and understand, read and write Mandarin for simple, practical and familiar tasks and situations.

    During the Beginners course, students will learn 450 Mandarin words, 30 key grammar points and to read and write 90 Mandarin characters. Routine tasks such as introducing yourself, ordering food at a restaurant and numbers to enable shopping and bargaining will be taught during the 45 hour course.

    At the end of the course, students will be able to follow the general meaning of a conversation on familiar subjects, handle common social and routine work situations and apply learnt material to meet their immediate communicative needs in China.

  • Intermediate

    During the 36 hour Intermediate course, students will enhance and sharpen their Mandarin skills enabling them to confidently hold conversations with customers and clients during business and everyday situations.

    Students will know more than 1000 Mandarin words, 65 additional key grammar points, and read and write 200 commonly used Mandarin characters.

    Learners will be able to initiate and sustain conversations on general and business topics including talking about their family, the weather, asking about a company’s revenue and profit and comparing India and China.

    Having attained the essence of the language, learners will be able to communicate competently, effectively and comfortably in professional and personal contexts finding different ways of formulating what they want to say.

  • Advanced

    Students will be able to communicate effectively & appropriately with a wide range of audiences across various topics including the economy, bilateral trade and Chinese New Year.

    Students will be trained in the art of taking a Chinese client out for dinner and concluding a deal, negotiations at a trade fair and giving a media interview.

    During the 36 hour course, students will know more than 1500 Mandarin words, 100 key grammar points and read and write 350 commonly used Mandarin characters.

    Learners will have the confidence to participate easily in social and professional conversations. Communication will be fluent, appropriate and well organized.

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