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Learn Chinese Mandarin

Mandarin Chinese is the official language for Mainland China and Taiwan. One of the most popular foreign languages of the world, standard Chinese is quickly becoming the language to learn for anyone looking for a future in Asia.  Officially called Mandarin language, Chinese is widely spoken in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia and is quickly gaining currency in the UAE (Dubai), Australia and India.

Inchin Closer is a premier Mandarin Chinese language school that specializes in HSK Chinese language courses taught by professional native Chinese teachers. Our Chinese language classes are popular because they are interactive and teach much more than just the HSK course curriculum. Complete a Inchin course and be sure to earn a HSK certificate in standard Chinese, one of the most widely spoken languages worldwide.

What will you learn?

Want to understand what your Chinese associates are saying during negotiations or just want to learn a new language for fun? Inchin Closers Mandarin Classes are just for you. With three easy levels – Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced, you will be an expert in Mandarin Chinese in a year.

In addition to learning how to speak Chinese, all Inchin classes teach students Chinese characters, Chinese calligraphy and Chinese language facts all of which help to understand the Chinese culture and business etiquette better. All courses are designed keeping the new HSK system in mind. Inchin students have a superb 100% HSK certificate pass record.

Who can apply?

Exclusively designed for various age groups, industries and requirements, Inchin Closer’s Mandarin course seeks to familiarize students with Chinese tones, grammar, characters and culture. Inchin Closer’s Mandarin Chinese classes are small, enabling maximum teacher-student interactions.  Further by incorporating Chinese culture, real life situations, and teaching Mandarin phonetics through Hindi, we seek to familarize the language and help our students gain a strong grasp of Mandarin Chinese.

Now learn Chinese online; log in from anywhere, we have multiple courses for different levels, accessible to learners of all levels. All courses are HSK certified.

What about the future?

With a 10 year proven track record of helping executives and professionals master Mandarin, acquire better job opportunities and understand the world’s second largest economy better, Inchin Closer is the most well recognised Mandarin Chinese Institute!

Additionally, enrolling for one of our classes, gives you a golden ticket into all our student resources – one of the most extensive and insightful ever! By becoming an Inchin Closer student, you gain access to our library stocked with books, DVD’s and music Cd’s, monthly trade and international relations newsletter, Inchin Corner – our cultural, and networking events, anytime online classes with professional native teachers and access to our job portal for corporate recruitment’s (read better job prospects) across the Himalayas.

How to join a class?

To register for our in class and online Mandarin courses, please complete the online application form. An Inchin Closer executive will call you with further details.

Alternatively, you can also write to us at [email protected] or call us on +91 98700 90966.

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