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Online Mandarin classes

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Gain an International certificate in Mandarin from anywhere, at any time at your pace of learning with experienced Native Chinese teachers. Powered with Inchin Closers best teaching practices, high quality materials and coupled with innovative, interactive teaching techniques, our online Mandarin classes have seen students of all ages log in from around the world!

With an aim to help you to speak, read and write Mandarin confidently, all Inchin Closers online Mandarin classes are live zoom sessions that effectively help students to train for real world conversations.  Digital flashcards, role play simulations, audio and visual material as well as live practice and test sessions help students learn Mandarin easily from anywhere.

You can start with the Beginners Mandarin level (HSK1), which is for 45 hours. On completion of Inchin Closers Beginners level, move on to the Intermediate (HSK 2) and subsequently Advanced levels (HSK 3) which are of 36 hours each. You can continue to complete all 6 levels of the HSK with Inchin Closer completely online, becoming fully native in Mandarin, all while sitting at home or in your office.

Inchin Closers online Mandarin program is time flexible, with the aim to help learners decide the duration and frequency or each class, thereby adjusting to your schedule and pace of learning. Classes can be customized to learning styles, objectives, personal goals and industries.

Students can choose to learn in small groups of 4-5 people or privately in 1-1 sessions.

Each level is taught by a professional, experienced Native Chinese teacher and is certified both by Inchin Closer and the HSK, which is an International certification in Mandarin, issued by the Ministry of Education, Beijing.

Inchin Closer’s online Mandarin program was launched as part of our 10-year anniversary celebrations. As digital nomads, virtual offices and ways of working get re-aligned, Inchin Closer is proud to keep up with 21st Century trends and offer online Mandarin classes to anyone looking for brighter job opportunities, the joy of learning a new language and culture or anyone who wants to understand Asia and her largest economies better.

To register for an online course click here, call / whatsapp us on +91 98700 90966 or email [email protected]

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