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Our Team

  • Nazia Vasi (艾佳)

    Nazia Vasi Nazia Vasi is the Founder and CEO, Inchin Closer. An India-China interpreter entrepreneur, Nazia worked, studied Mandarin and travelled across China before setting up Inchin Closer in 2010.

    An economics honours graduate from St. Xavier’s College, Nazia was the youngest financial correspondant at the Times of India, before embarking on her adventure of bridging China and India.

    A fun loving, foodie whose intense passion drives this company, Nazia looks into every tiny detail and the larger picture at Inchin Closer.

  • Xiaojie Wang

    xj recentA native Chinese, Xiaojie is a partner at Inchin Closer. Fluent in English, she has lived in India for four years where she worked as a corporate strategy manager for Mahindra & Mahindra.

    Xiaojie graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a double-major in Economics & Environmental Studies. During her course of study in the US, Xiaojie also worked as a Chinese language-teaching assistant for four years and was engaged in many cross-cultural activities.

    Inchin Closers presence in China, Xiaojie  has created, conceptualised and authored the Mandarin course material designed specifically for the Indian student now also endorsed by the Peoples Republic of China, Consulate Mumbai. Additionally, Xiaojie also looks over corporate strategy, and business development for Inchin Closer.

    Xiaojie is currently working as the marketing director at a primary research firm in Shanghai, building the largest knowledge network of industry professionals in China.

  • Nandana Biswas

    Nandana is Inchin Closers Chinese language and culture teacher in Delhi. A post graduate with distinction in Mandarin from Jawarharlal Nehru University, Delhi coupled with two years of higher studies at the People’s University, Beijing, Nandana is near native Chinese.

    With over 15 years of experience in engaging between India and China on a corporate and government level, Nandana enjoys teaching and discussing comparisons and collaborations between our great nations. An avid traveller, Nandana is a fun loving, happy go lucky mother of two beautiful children.

  • Violet Doshi

    A graduate of China Technology University in Taiwan, and the summer training for Chinese teachers, Violet loves teaching young children Mandarin through songs and videos. Settled in Mumbai since the past 15 years, the city is her second home.

    A versatile and experienced Mandarin teacher Violet works mostly on Mandarin classes for students of the International Baccalaureate course for Inchin Closer. She teaches both privately and at International schools across the city.

  • Prithvi Naik

    Prithvi Naik Prithvi Naik has spent over five years growing up in China, travelling from Guangdong to Xinjian, Shangri-La to Heilongjiang and everywhere in between. Well versed with Chinese culture, Prithvi speaks fluent, colloquial Mandarin.

    Currently pursuing a BSc.Economics degree from NMIMS university, Mumbai, Prithvi is very interested  in Environmental and Energy economics. An avid blogger and writer on environmental and energy issues in developing nations he also writes for Inchin Closer’s blog.

    A ‘technoholic’ Prithvi also provides assistance for Inchin Closers podcast recordings.  In his free time, he likes to hit the gym and watch classic movies.

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