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Inchin Closer is a specialized HR consultancy for Mandarin speaking Indian professionals.

With growing business relations between Asia’s largest economies, speaking, understanding and being able to work across our cultures and languages becomes integral to building a business.

At Inchin Closer, we understand that growing a company requires the right talent. Indians who speak Mandarin well, are able to bridge the communication gap between mid level employees and their Chinese managers, as well as ably guide Chinese business owners in the Indian landscape.

As part of our Mandarin language institute, Inchin Closer has taught more than 500 Indian professionals Mandarin over the past 8 years. This extensive database also gives us the depth to understand an individuals actual Mandarin level and capability.

Our growing database of Mandarin speaking Indian professionals which spans Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune and Ahmedabad currently has 50 Indian professionals of a basic HSK 1 / HSK 2 level and 35 Indian professionals who speak Mandarin at an HSK 4 level, which we consider employable at a Chinese firm.


Our services:

  • An extensive, pan-India database of Mandarin speaking Indian professionals with details of Mandarin level, China experience and domain expertise
  • Ability to speak Mandarin and thereby adjudge a professionals Mandarin language skills set and determine if they will be suitable for the job assigned
  • Working experience in both India and China; thereby able to assist professionals culturally adapt to expectations and business goals.
  • Network of Mandarin speaking India professionals for both long and short term employment in all four Indian metro’s
  • Understanding of a Chinese company’s goals and objectives while growing in a developing country like India

To know more or apply for a job, please email [email protected] or call 98700 90966

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