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Dissolving India and China’s differences through language and culture, Inchin Closer offers a plethora of options for you to get to know our neighbour better.

Our team of experts who have spent considerable time between both China and India offer tailor-made language and culture training programs to fit every industry, communication gap and requirement.

We also offer multiple information channels to understand each other better – you can talk, hear, watch or read perspectives about our bilateral relations, the latest news or potential opportunities from both sides of the border.

Lastly, we offer practical, time bound and quality professional assistance in translations, interpretations and employment opportunities.

The ambit of a language and cultural consultancy being large and our team being young and enthusiastic, we often do take up projects that excite, interest and keep us in the limelight, as a result of which we have helped clients with everything from translating at large multilateral conferences to teaching Mandarin to over 500 Indians, from providing customised training programs at the Taj Group of Hotels to demonstrating a dumpling making class to international school students, from decoding, analyzing and explaining business etiquettes to teams across borders to creating our own little Chinatown.

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