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Student / Executive immersion programs

They say the best way to learn a language and understand her people is to immerse yourself in the country, that is why Inchin Closer, based on personal experiences encourages both students and executives to visit China for a few weeks.


Depending on the aim of our target audience, we tailor make specific courses to India and China so that you can experience the language, food, business practices, people, cities, and culture first hand.  Our specially designed immersion programs aim to help you, dissolve misconceptions and gain a holistic perspective of India and China.


Students: Inchin Closer ties up with Chinese and Indian universities to offer

short two week immersion programs in China and India, where students can learn the national language and engage in cultural activities first hand.



Corporate: Designed specially for the executive, to get a flavor of the business culture in India and China, our visits are a mixture of business and cultural experiences.


During these immersion study programs, delegates will get to visit Indian, Chinese and Multinational firms across cities within India and China. Interactions, presentations, discussions and factory visits with managers well acquainted with doing business in India and China will be organized in order for delegates to discern the cultural nuances of doing business in India and China. Besides learning from  first hand experiences of managers, the resumes of interested delegates will also be shared with the companies visited and similarly contact information of companies visited will be made available to delegates.


Besides the business aspect, delegates will also get a chance to discover the culture of India or China first hand by visiting shows, exhibitions, cultural talks and events.

Further, the business immersion study programs are flexible and clients can opt for visits tailored to their particular sector, cities, duration or budget.


Interested Educational Institutions and Companies may get in touch with us for the same at [email protected].


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