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Why learn Mandarin with Inchin Closer ?

Besides being the only course to be endorsed by the Peoples Republic of China, Consulate Mumbai and being taught by professional, native Mandarin teachers from Mainland China, there are are several other reasons why Inchin Closers Mandarin Language courses are the best – here is our list –

  • Engaging and interactive

    We believe in breaking the top-down, teacher superior model of education and rather prefer the teacher to interact with the students, engage students with the language, teach through interactive and multimedia methods and create a fun, yet informative study environment. At Inchin Closer, Mandarin isn’t taught by rote, rather students are encouraged to make their own sentences, create role plays from their own contexts and bring their own experiences into the language.
  • Taught by native Mandarin Speakers from China

    Ever learnt a language and realized you can’t speak it in the native country? We at Inchin Closer believe it is imperative for students of Mandarin to learn the language first hand from a professional native Chinese teacher. While it not only helps you get the tones and pronunciation right – vital while learning Mandarin, it also keeps the language relevant and colloquial, so that you don’t learn phrases that are oh so ‘70’s. That is why we work with the governments of both countries, interview dozens of teachers and then select the best-qualified candidates from China to teach Mandarin at our centers in India.
  • Chinese Phonetics in Hindi

    Teaching Mandarin phonetics through Hindi has done wonders for our students! A USP of Inchin Closer, we have developed our own unique Hindi phonetics for Mandarin. By teaching Mandarin phonetics though Hindi we familiarize the Indian tongue faster to Mandarin making the exact pronunciation of words much faster and easier for Indians.
  • Comprehensive range of programs customized specifically for an individuals purpose of learning.

    Inchin Closer runs a variety of Mandarin learning programs tailor-made for a specific set of students. Besides teaching 25-hour programs, we also teach shorter programs for specific purposes. We cater to different age groups, industries, and academic institutions. We teach Mandarin for business, for leisure, do crash courses, private classes, just conversational Mandarin or can integrate culture into our language courses. The mix depends on you!
  • Real life situations – experience the language first hand

    Focusing on conversational Mandarin, Inchin Closer’s course material has been developed after studying real life experiences and situations of Indians in China as well as by understanding how Indians best learn Mandarin. Breaking the mould of textbook teaching, we have studied the sticky and common problems Indians face in China and have based our textbooks around encountering and dealing with all kinds of experiences, so that you are never stuck for words. By relating to real life situations we maintain our textbooks are relevant, extremely utilitarian, and will serve as your best friend and guide in China.
  • Database of Indians with Mandarin language proficiency for jobs / recruits

    As bilateral trade between India and China balloons, the need for Indians who speak and are familiar with Mandarin will only increase. As a result, we maintain a database of our students, their progress, ability and comfort level with Mandarin. Companies looking to hire Indians across any industry with Mandarin skills may contact us. Similarly, students who wish to be recruited for employment in China may inform us.
  • Small classrooms, personalized attention

    Since Mandarin is a tonal language, it is imperative that each student be paid special attention to, so that his or her pronunciation and tones are perfected. As a result, we conduct small classes where each student receives close personal attention from the teacher.
  • Measurable results

    Regular reviews and test are conducted throughout the 25-hour program culminating in a one and half hour test at the end. This gives students a chance to constantly revise, improve themselves and measure their progress.
  • Beyond the classroom

    Students who take part in Inchin Closer’s Mandarin courses are exposed to Chinese culture, people and activities beyond the classroom. We invite members from the Chinese consulate to interact with the students, regularly initiate activities where they are exposed to Chinese culture and conduct Mandarin language corners where different students from various batches can interact, exchange business cards, travelling tips and Mandarin phrases. See Inchin Corner
  • Young & dynamic

    We are a young and dynamic team who like to experiment, socialize and try new and innovative ways of teaching.
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