YCT Certification

Jump on the back of the mighty dragon and learn to speak Mandarin Chinese with Inchin Closer!

Curriculum followed by International schools in Hong Kong

Riddled with fun games and activities, our Kids YCT courses are engaging, interactive and immersive. All our kids courses follow the YCT curriculum which is taught at international schools in Hong Kong and Singapore.

International certification

The YCT stands for the Youth Chinese Test – an international certification for kids to assess their Chinese language level and ability to apply Chinese language in their studies and daily lives.

There are 4 levels of the YCT wherein students learn to listen & understand, speak, read and write Mandarin to describe their personal, social and everyday lives. Additionally, kids learn about Chinese culture, festivals and foods.

Inchin Closer can help you to train, prepare, apply and ace the YCT test in India. It is usually conducted once a month, however is currently on hold due to the pandemic. Inchin Students have a 100% pass rate for the YCT examinations.

You might enroll your child for the YCT test if you want to prove their Mandarin ability internationally or are planning to relocate and require to attain a level of proficiency in the new school.


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