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HSK level 2

36 hours

Power up to have in-depth conversations and learn basic business Mandarin.

HSK Level 1

22 hours / 50 hours

Speak, Read and Write Mandarin for everyday conversations

Customized Courses

Private classes

Learn Chinese specific to your industry and requirements. 1-1 classes personalized for you.


Extra curricular activities, IB Mandarin ab initio courses to expand student horizons.

Corporate Training

Industry specific Mandarin language courses to engage employees and skill up!

The Inchin Advantage

Structured curriculum designed to get you speaking, listening, reading & writing Mandarin from Level 1

FREE access to the Inchin App to continue practicing Mandarin even after you’ve completed a course, so you never lose touch with the language

Access to job opportunities and career counseling for companies in India and abroad.

Learn to speak, listen & understand, read & write Mandarin

Well structured, professional, organised and planned teaching structure

Interactive, innovative, intelligently designed and interesting lessons

Ideal for students, working professionals, businessmen and entrepreneurs

2 step simple application process, no hidden fees, or complicated paperwork

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