HSK Certification

Inchin Closer offers HSK test preparation for all 6 HSK levels as well as HSKK – both international certifications in Mandarin. The HSK stands for Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì and HSKK for Hànyǔ shuǐpíng kǒuyǔ kǎoshì. Designed for those who study Mandarin as a second language both are international standardized tests of Chinese language proficiency. The HSK test is primarily beneficial for those who who want to apply to universities abroad or are looking for job opportunities in Asia.

Inchin Closer is also already prepared to teach the NEW HSK syllabus. Although the new HSK has not yet been officially launched yet, Inchin Closer is ahead of the game. We want our students to be ready for the future and can offer new HSK test preparation for all HSK levels as well. The Inchin App, has vocabulary and character writing practice from the new HSK syllabus. Packed with practice exercises, quizzes and detailed feedback the Inchin app is able to help students get a jump start to the new HSK syllabus. Download the Inchin app, free of cost on iOS and Android phones.

Focus on speaking Mandarin

The HSK tests listening, reading and writing Mandarin skills, while the HSKK tests speaking skills. Students prefer Inchin Closers classes as we ensure there is strong real world conversational practice in each class. All Inchin Closer classes are taught by native Chinese professionals. This gives our students a strong advantage as they are able to listen and speak authentic, correct and culturally specific Mandarin.  Since speaking Mandarin is a large part of Inchin Closers courses, all our courses include training for the HSKK as well.

Inchin Closer can help you to train, prepare and apply for the HSK test in India. The test is usually conducted once a month, however is currently on hold due to the pandemic. Inchin Students have a 100% pass rate for the HSK and HSKK examinations.

HSK test advantage: Create unique college and job applications – stand out from the crowd!

You might consider taking the HSK test if you want to prove your Mandarin ability internationally. Consider taking the HSK test for global  job applications, a scholarship to study Mandarin in China or ato prove a unique skill for college and university applications abroad.

How to pass the HSK exam easily. Mandarin language certificate course for job opportunities and student applications

HSK Mandarin levels. Do the HSK Mandarin language certificate course for job opportunities and student applications


Learners will learn to speak, listen and understand, read and write Mandarin for simple, practical and everyday situations.

Topics covered:

HSK 1 prepares students for conversations around everyday practical tasks such as introducing yourself and ordering food at a restaurant. Students will also learn numbers to get the best deal, as well dates and time to assign meetings or deadlines. This is a 50 hour course.

Inchin Closers HSK Course outline & outcome:

Students will learn 450 Mandarin words, 30 key grammar points and will be able to read and write upto 90 Mandarin characters.

At the end of the course, students will be able to follow the general meaning of a conversation on familiar subjects. They will be able to handle common social and routine work situations. They should be able to control any conversation by applying learnt material to meet their immediate communicative needs in China.


During the 36 hour HSK 2 course, students will sharpen their Mandarin skills. Students will be able to confidently hold conversations with customers and clients during business and everyday situations.

Topics covered:

Learners will be able to initiate and sustain conversations on general and business topics. Conversations will center around talking about their family, the weather, asking about a company’s finances and comparing India and China.

Course outline & outcome:

Students will know more than 1,000 Mandarin words, 65 additional key grammar points, and read and write 200 commonly used Mandarin characters.

Having attained a strong command over the language, learners will be able to communicate competently, effectively and comfortably in professional and personal contexts.


Students will be able to communicate effectively & appropriately with a wide range of audiences across various topics including the economy, bilateral trade and Chinese New Year.

Topics covered:

Students are trained in the proper etiquette of taking a Chinese client out for dinner. Negotiations at a trade fair, concluding a deal. and giving a media interview will also be covered.

Course outline & outcome:

After the 36 hour course, students will know more than 1,500 Mandarin words, 100 key grammar points and read and write 350 commonly used Mandarin characters.

Learners will have the confidence to participate easily in social and professional conversations. Communication will be fluent, appropriate and well organized.


Learners will notch up their Mandarin language skills to become exceedingly competent in Mandarin.

Topics covered:

The course will enable students to converse at a near-native level of Mandarin with their customers or clients in China. HSK 4 students should be able to conduct business meetings, give interviews and read Chinese media.

The HSK 4 course will train students to integrate better as Chinese.. Course content includes learning how to use Chinese mobile applications such as wechat, opening a bank account and taking clients out for a local dinner.

Course outline & outcome:

After the 36 hour HSK 4 course, students will have added 2000 Mandarin words, 180 key grammar points and will be able to write 500 commonly used Mandarin characters.

Attaining HSK 4 will give students the confidence to conduct business meetings independently, take up translation and interpretation jobs. It’s also a great level to start teaching Chinese language to others. Scholarships, job opportunities and admissions to universities abroad become easier at HSK 4.

HSK 5 & 6

This is the pinnacle of learning Mandarin. HSK level 6 is the highest level of Mandarin and very few have reached this near native Chinese level. Crossing Level 5 & 6 means that your Mandarin language level is just like a Chinese persons. At this point, you are able to communicate confidently, can read and write Mandarin with ease and are able to translate and interpret naturally. Students now have a significant advantage from other Mandarin speakers and will be in high demand for their skills.

Inchin Closer teaches Mandarin HSK levels 5 and 6 to select students who want to seriously pursue the language. Job opportunities at large MNC firms, regional offices, international organisations and amongst global conglomerates will be easy to attain.

At the end of HSK levels 5 & 6, you should know more than 6000 Mandarin words, 300 key grammar points and will be able to write 1000 commonly used Mandarin characters.


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