Learn Mandarin with Inchin Closer, India’s premium Mandarin language institute.

Inchin Closer conducts professional HSK courses, by experienced Native Chinese teachers. 

Teaching Mandarin since 2010. Join Inchin Closer to understand India’s largest and most powerful neighbour better

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An Inchin Closer representative will call you soon with specific course details. You can also call / whatsapp us on +91 98700 90966  

How long will it take me to speak in Mandarin?

You will be able to speak in Mandarin after 20 hours of training. Our expert native Chinese teachers apply interactive role plays and immerse students in practical, real life situations to ensure that all Inchin Closer students are able to speak Mandarin confidently after the first level. You will be fluent in Mandarin after HSK 1. To help you continue practicing the language with Interactive stories, download the Inchin App, India’s first Mandarin language app, available for free on android and iOS devices.

What will I learn?

You will learn to listen & understand, speak, read and write Mandarin by HSK levels. By the end of the course, you should be able to converse easily with a native speaker for practical situations such as introducing yourself, giving someone an appointment, ordering food at a restaurant or getting the best deal while bargaining for a product.

Having native Chinese teachers means all our classes include understanding Chinese culture and business etiquette from locals. Additionally all Inchin Closer courses are designed around the HSK curriculum. Graduate being able to successfully attain the HSK certificate for all levels 1-6. To see all upcoming Inchin Closer courses; click HERE

What about the future?

Mandarin is the language to learn if you want to gain a regional role in South East Asia, have an edge in college applications and display a unique skill set to stand out from your co-workers. You will be fluent in Mandarin and will be able to apply for high paying jobs after completing HSK 3. Create an unusual niche for yourself!

How do I join a class?

To register for Inchin Closers Mandarin language courses fill in the application form alongside. A representative will call you to answer any additional questions and direct you to the correct course for you to join.

Hear from our students – Watch Inchin Students testimonials

Inchin Closer also customises courses for companies and schools. If you have further questions, you can also write to us at learnchinese@inchincloser.com or call us on +91 98700 90966.


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