Inchin Closer’s Upcoming Mandarin language Courses

Learn Chinese language with professional, Hanban qualified Native Chinese teachers. Endorsed by the People’s Republic of China Consulate, Mumbai; with more than 12 years experience, Inchin Closer’s certificate Mandarin courses help you get from basic Chinese HSK 1 levels to an Advanced HSK 6 level in only a few years.

Looking for Mandarin classes near me? or Best Chinese classes in Mumbai? Look no further! Inchin Closer conducts Chinese online courses for adults and children who want to give the HSK or YCT exams. If you’re amongst those who just wants to discover a new culture, learn more about your neighbour or pick up a new skill, this course is definitely for you!

Inchin Closer’s Chinese language courses focuses on conversational Mandarin, ensuring you learn to speak Chinese with confidence, so you can command a business meeting, make friends in Hong Kong and Singapore or gain an edge while applying to universities abroad.

In addition to spoken Chinese, Inchin Closer’s classes also teaches students to read and write the Mandarin Chinese alphabet and a strong understanding of Chinese culture, giving our students a holistic learning experience. All our classes utilise multimedia and ensure learning Chinese online is interactive and an immersive experience.


22 hours

Speak, read and write Mandarin for everyday conversations.

HSK level 2

36 hours

Power up to have in-depth conversations and learn basic business Mandarin.

HSK Level 3

36 hours

Strengthen your Mandarin skills to have conversations with locals confidently.


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