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India's Premium Mandarin language institute


To bridge the information gap between the two most dynamic countries of our generation, by understanding each other from our own perspectives.


To empower the people of India and China to communicate effectively thereby gaining invaluable insights into each other’s cultures, civilizations and countries; resulting in deepening understanding and building trust.

India’s Premium Mandarin language institute

Inchin Closer is a premium Mandarin Language Institute, which seeks to Bring India and China Closer, through professional, certified Mandarin Language Classes. Led by a unique duo of two female entrepreneurs, the only Mandarin Language Institute managed by an Indian and Chinese who have spent significant time in each other’s countries, Inchin Closer aims to Bring India and China Closer, by understanding each other from our own perspectives. Inchin Closer conducts Mandarin Language Courses for companies, trade bodies, educational institutions and organisations to Bring India and China Closer.

Experience, Expertise and Excellence

Having worked and travelled extensively between both nations, our experts believe there is a strong link between doing business in a foreign country and understanding their language and culture. As a result, we at Inchin Closer aim to provide you with a 360-degree comprehensive Mandarin Language Course enabling you to engage with every aspect of India and China better. Inchin Closer‘s core competence lies in Chinese Language Classes.  We also specialise in Chinese Language translation and interpretation between Mandarin, English and Hindi.

Inchin Closers strong focus on quality Chinese Language Classes, ensures that we have a 100 percent success rate. Endorsed by the People’s Republic of China, Consulate Mumbai, Inchin Closer applies innovative, interactive and highly engaging teaching techniques, enabling our students to speak Mandarin confidently within a few months. All our courses follow the international curriculum outlined by the Confucius Institute, an arm of the Ministry of Education, China.

Building cross border collaborations

Inchin Closer publishes regular  news and analysis. Inchin Insights is written exclusively by Indians and Chinese working between the two nations, we aim to provide the reader with current India-China news as we see it, as it impacts us, and how we would like it to be in the future. Inchin Closer also runs an online forum for international discussion, debate and as a platform where people from around the world can collaborate and share experiences to create a deeper and better understanding of the two nations and their impact on the world.

Focus on quality education

Inchin Closer works with highly qualified Mandarin language teachers to ensure that our students are able to learn Mandarin quickly and speak with confidence. All Inchin Closer’s Mandarin language courses are conducted by professional Mandarin teachers, who add authenticity and localisation to each class. Our syllabus is designed along the international certification in Mandarin or the HSK exam. Covering all levels, HSK 1-6, the curriculum is based on systematic learning, guided by interactive teaching techniques with successfully proven track record.

As trade between India and China crossed USD100 billion in 2021, it is integral to understand India’s largest neighbour and trading partner. Inchin Closer has been teaching Mandarin since the past 12 years and is endorsed by the People’s Republic of China Consulate, Mumbai.

Founded by two women entrepreneurs

Inchin Closer is a unique institute founded by two women entrepreneurs; one from India the other from China who worked and traveled across each other’s countries. By experiencing and understanding each others countries since the past 15 years, we bring an unparalleled “Inchin” blend and perspective to our Mandarin language courses and services.:

Nazia Vasimandarin language classes in India

Nazia Vasi is the Founder and CEO, Inchin Closer. An India-China interpreter entrepreneur, Nazia worked, studied Mandarin and travelled across China before setting up Inchin Closer in 2010.

An economics honours graduate from St. Xavier’s College, Nazia was the youngest financial correspondent at the Times of India, before embarking on her adventure of bridging China and India.

A fun loving, foodie whose intense passion drives this company, Nazia looks into every tiny detail and the larger strategy at Inchin Closer.

Xiaojie Wang

A native Chinese, Xiaojie is a partner at Inchin Closer. She has lived in India for four years where she worked as a corporate strategy manager for Mahindra & Mahindra.

Xiaojie graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a double-major in Economics & Environmental Studies. During her course of study in the US, Xiaojie also worked as a Chinese language-teaching assistant for four years and was engaged in many cross-cultural activities.

Inchin Closers presence in China, Xiaojie is the force that drives Inchin Closer forward. The strength behind many of our initiatives, Xiaojie looks over corporate strategy, and business development for Inchin Closer.


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