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About Us

Vision: To bridge the information gap between the two most dynamic countries of our generation, by understanding each other from our own perspectives.

Mission: To empower the people of India and China to communicate effectively thereby gaining invaluable insights into each other’s cultures, civilizations and countries; resulting in deepening understanding and building trust.

Inchin Closer is a premium India-China language and cultural consultancy, which seeks to Bring India and China Closer, through people-to-people interaction, increased information exchange and cross border programs. Led by a unique duo, the only India-China Consultancy managed by an Indian and Chinese who have spent significant time in each other’s countries, Inchin Closer aims to Bring India and China Closer, by understanding each other from our own perspectives. Inchin Closer works across sectors with companies, trade bodies, educational institutions and organizations to Bring India and China Closer.

Having worked and travelled extensively between both nations, our experts believe there is a strong link between doing business in a foreign country and understanding their language and culture. As a result, we at Inchin Closer aim to provide you with a 360-degree comprehensive language and culture service enabling you to engage with every aspect of India and China better.

Inchin Closer focuses on teaching Mandarin and Hindi; translating and interpreting between Mandarin, English and Hindi. We also organize customized immersion programs into both countries and aid companies as well as professionals seek appropriate employment in both India and China.  To enhance cross border collaborations and supplement our language students with an insight into the culture and people, Inchin Closer also conducts regular Inchin Corners.

To augment the information exchange between our peoples, Inchin Closer publishes daily news and analysis. Inchin Insights is written exclusively by Indians and Chinese working between the two nations, we aim to provide the reader with current India-China news as we see it, as it impacts us, and how we would like it to be in the future. Inchin Closer also runs an online forum for international discussion, debate and as a platform where people from around the world can collaborate and share experiences to create a deeper and better understanding of the two nations and their impact on the world.

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