Cultural Training 文化培训

mandarin classes near meThe success of a business trip, expatriate assignment, working across multicultural teams or travel odyssey depends on how well you adapt, assimilate, integrate and understand the culture of your host nation.

We bring you local expertise – first hand

Inchin Closers experts, who have lived between India and China can help you comprehensively capture the cultural essence of China and / or India to empower you to win a business deal, make friends and feel at home in your new environment. By understanding China and India from our own perspectives, through personal, practical experiences, our customised training programs seek to give you unique insights which mechanised softwares often tend to miss.

Roads were build for journeys; not destinations – Confucius

Whether you’re travelling for a few days or are a frequent flyer, cracking India and China’s unique language and cultural etiquette offers an advantage few can claim. Doors might open with a simple Ni hao and a smile, yet knowing never to sign your name in red ink, or to gift four of a kind will not only help you make lifelong friends but will also get you a generous friendly discount.

Learn about a culture from your own perspective

  • Want to know how to capture the interest of a potential business partner?
  • The do’s and don’ts of working in a Chinese office?
  • How to go about relocating from Bangalore to Beijing?
  • Working across multiple geographies; need to know cultural etiquette?
  • Understand the similarities and differences in our cultures; get them to work to your advantage.

We’re here for everyone; cover all industries and professions

Inchin Closers experts, can help guide and train both corporates as well as interested individuals. Our experienced staff, tailor makes training modules specifically designed for your industry, company or personal need to enable you to fit seamlessly into your new environs.

Inchin Closer works exclusively with private companies, governments and trade bodies to customise training programs enabling you to culturally camouflage yourself. For more details, on our cultural training programs between India and China, please email us at or call +91 98700 90966.


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