Inchin App

Download the Inchin App on iOS and Android phones. 

Artificial intelligence powered speech recognition 

The Inchin App is a powerful tool to help Chinese language students learn, practice and improve your Mandarin skills through interactive stories, vocabulary quizzes and character writing puzzles.

India’s first Mandarin language app, the Inchin app is designed to boost your Mandarin listening, speaking, reading and character writing skills. Based on the ancient art of learning through story telling, Inchin Closer’s real life, interactive stories are powered with speech recognition. Each story will immerse you in a situation contextualising your learning and assisting you to apply the language learnt easily.  

 New HSK vocabulary and character writing practice

The Inchin app has also meticulously sorted the new HSK vocabulary according to level and then graded by frequency of use enabling students to practice the new HSK vocabulary and new HSK character writing easily. Sorting the new vocabulary and characters according to frequency of use will also help new learners to pick up the language effortlessly; enabling students to make most common, everyday sentences after learning the first 100 words.  

Gamification to make learning creative and intuitive

We have added gamification so learning new words and Mandarin characters is fun, addictive and easy. Students are therefore able to seamlessly transit from the old HSK system to the new by testing themselves and finding their Mandarin level according to the new HSK system.  

Advantage for Inchin Closer students

For Inchin students, the Inchin app is a revolutionary new way of learning. For the first time an edutech company has reverse engineered learning to apply key student performance metrics to a classroom. Student data collected from the app, is plugged into Inchin Closers Learning Management System to help pin point student strengths and weaknesses and assist teachers to personalise learning. 

Designed to help you practice for HSK 1, HSK 2, HSK 3, HSK 4, HSK 5, HSK 6 and HSKK levels, the Inchin app gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in real life situations and learn practical Mandarin Chinese.


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