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Inchin App

Boost your Mandarin speaking, listening, reading and comprehension skills in an engaging, interactive and next-generation app that puts you in the drivers seat on the streets of Shanghai!

Designed for HSK 1, HSK2, HSK3, HSK4, HSK5 and HSK6 as well as HSKK1 and HSKK2 levels, the Inchin app gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in real life scenes and learn practical Mandarin Chinese Vs textbook speak.

Whether you go to China for business, as a tourist or a student, this FREE app provides practical, daily situations that you would typically find yourself in in China. Especially crafted to cover various aspects of life, the Inchin app enables you to speak, listen and read Mandarin through fun, interactive and engaging stories.

Designed to help Mandarin Chinese learners practice their Mandarin, this app is built for all ages and all Mandarin Chinese language levels. Supplement this app with your regular certificate Chinese Mandarin classes at Inchin Closer and discover how easy it is to learn the world’s most powerful foreign language.

Download the app here

Key features

  • Practice Mandarin listening skills
  • Sharpen speaking skills
  • Perfect pronunciation of tones
  • Add key new words to a word bank to practice later
  • Maintain a word bank to keep track of your vocabulary progress
  • Constantly improve your pronunciation with our key analytics
  • Reinforce your Chinese character reading skills
  • Learn through interactive, practical stories from real life situations
  • Compete with friends for the highest score

All of Inchin’s stories have been written by professionals with real life China experience and edited by linguists and Mandarin Chinese language experts to ensure the language is appropriate, localized and graded for all levels. The stories have been curated and developed by an exceptional team each with over 10 years experience in their fields.

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