Corporate Training

Having lived and worked in China, our team knows the language and cultural road blocks you face while doing business in China. Our course curriculum is designed specifically to eliminate these issues and make sure that your business in China progresses smoothly.

From business etiquette to cross cultural understanding; we have you covered

Designed around sticky situations professionals usually find themselves in, such as ordering vegetarian food, or getting your client to understand a particular order, the challenges of working in cross-cultural teams, Inchin Closers corporate training program in language and culture will give you the specific vocabulary you require to take your business in China ahead.

Let us know what you require

Courses can be customized according to your needs for time, content and skills required. To request for a proposal email us at [email protected] or call us on +91 98700 90966.

To see the list of some of the company’s where we have taught; see our clients list on the home page.