6 Best Chinese tattoos this Summer!
July 13, 2022

Also How to avoid embarrassing Chinese character tattoo’s

Chinese characters have a lot of meaning, each character can be a whole word in itself, express an emotion or show whats close to you. They look pretty, are very artistic and can easily be creatively crafted into a fun, innovative chinese tattoo designs that are both aesthetic and meaningful. Chinese tattoos are also one of the most popular tattoos that can be misrepresented so before you get inked, know a little bit about Chinese characters first.

If you are planning on getting a Chinese character tattoo, first study the language. Have a basic understanding of Mandarin, how the characters are formed, and the meanings behind the character. Most Chinese characters have a story behind them which talks about the origin of the character, this usually hints at a philosophy or way of thinking that is rooted in Chinese culture, understand this before printing it on your body.

One of the best ways to express yourself is through a tattoo. It tells the world who you are, what you stand for, whats important to you, and what values you uphold. It’s your personal message to the world and a constant reminder of who you want to be.

You can choose to have your tattoo in a place remarkably obvious to the world on your hands or calfs or hidden privately for a secluded sneak peak through seductive clothing. Wherever you choose to display your tattoo, make sure it makes sense! There are a lot of people who have got Chinese characters as tattoo’s without understanding the meaning of the characters creating a huge and mostly permanent blooper on their bodies for everyone to see! You do NOT want to be one of those people!

Secondly, check this Chinese character or proverb with Chinese friends. You don’t want something imprinted that doesn’t make sense of worse yet, is an abuse. Check if the character reflects you and your personality, then also check for the design of the calligraphy. Most Chinese characters can be artistically represented, however it must be done correctly and tastefully. If possible, make sure your tattoo artist has some knowledge about Mandarin characters and knows the basic stroke order of how to write them.

Lastly, to get you started, Inchin Closer has 6 hot suggestions of Chinese characters you can get tattooed this summer. If you are thinking of others and would like to check your designs with our in-house experts, send them to us and we will give you our feedback.

酸甜苦辣 Suān tián kǔ là – These are the 4 flavours – sour, sweet, bitter and spicy together, they represent the ups and downs of life
善 shàn (virtue) + 恶 è (evil) combined. The left half comes from 善 shàn (virtue) and the right half comes from 恶 è (evil).
This tattoo is in traditional Chinese as opposed to simplified which is spoken in Mainland China. It is 及时行乐 Jíshí xínglè and means carpe diem or Live in the moment / Live every moment to its fullest.
禅 chán meaning zen
爱 Ài meaning Love
家 jiā meaning family

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