95 Chinese treasures come to India on a cultural exchange
April 6, 2011

The Prince of Wales Museum in Mumbai, otherwise known as the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, is hosting an exhibition entitled ‘Treasures of Ancient China’ organised by the Archaeological Survey of India (supported by Govt. of India), State Administration of Cultural Heritage (China) and Art Exhibitions China. The exhibition which will be inaugurated tomorrow, will host amongst other national treasures the Terracotta warriors from Xi’an, Central China, A gold statue of the goddess Tara, Buddhist statues from the Longmen Grottoes and exquisite tri-coloured glazed pottery belonging to the Tang dynasty. The exhibition which is on for a month will also include ninety-five Chinese artifacts  from ten museums across six provinces in China.

Through this fabulous collection dating as far back as the Neolithic period (21st century BCE) to the 19th century CE (end of Dynastic China) the exhibition offers a glimpse of the material and spiritual life led by the Chinese in different historical phases thereby tracing the trajectory of the Chinese civilization through the centuries.

In conjunction with the exhibition the Museum is organizing an educative module of art and craft workshops titled ‘Summer Fun’ in Collaboration with Inchin Closer; based on the theme of China throughout the month of April and May 2011. Activities include lantern making, red paper craft, calligraphy, painting Beijing opera masks and film appreciation. To view the activities calender please click here. Please make sure to register in advance for the workshops as there is limited capacity.

The exhibition was on display at the National Museum, New Delhi till 20th March 2011. Besides Mumbai it will also be on display at two other national museums – the  Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad in Jun-Aug, 2011; and National Library, Kolkata from Sept-Nov 2011.


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