Bridging Nations launches in India
January 23, 2012

“We live in an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world and bridging differences and creating a better understanding among all nations is crucial.”

–       Dr Prakash Ambegaonkar, founder, Bridging Nations

Bridging Nations, a non- profit organisation based in Washington, D.C. aimed at promoting healthy relations between nations in a highly globalised economy, is inaugurating its India- China center on the 25th of January, in Pune.

Despite their growing power and significance in the world economy, there are several issues that need to be addressed. To address any issue it is imperative to get to the crux of the matter; demonstrating exactly this, Bridging Nations attempts at understanding the ideologies behind either country’s political agenda and culture and tradition, pomoting this understanding among the other country’s citizens. The organisation is looking at resolving concerns such as energy distribution, environment issues and boundary strifes.

Says Dr. Prakash Ambegaonkar, “Within the power triangle (India-China-US), India and China are momentous players in the world. They form an important part of the triangle due to their growing significance in global politics. Despite the attention each nation has received, the mutual relations between India and China have been understudied.”

India and China are both heavily interdependent, and increasingly so today, with unending technological and business advancements. Bridging Nations has several events lined up upon its launch, such as an India- China Studies Convention, Chinese Language lessons, Orientation programmes on India’s economy and policy in China and the Chinese Spring Festival, to name a few.

~ by Mansi Sheth


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