China impresses Bodhgaya’s Chief Minister
June 20, 2011

Nitish Kumar, the newly elected Chief Minister of Bihar, who recently visited China, was very impressed by the Chinese people’s dedication and hard work, the country’s development, and determination to excel. Post his week-long China visit, Mr. Kumar identified three new areas of cooperation in sectors like tourism, power and agriculture.

Nitish, was quite appreciative of the dedication and hard work of the Chinese people. “Their (Chinese) efficiency and pace of delivering the goods are amazing, reported The telegraph. While pointing out that India too was developing, he said, “we will see what we can do to speed up the pace of development in our state and the country in our own way. Of course, we should study how the Chinese system has carried out phenomenal improvement in its farm, industrial and electric power sectors,” he added. Mr. Kumar is Chief Minister of Bihar a state in North India which houses Bodhgaya, the site where Gautama Buddha received enlightenment, and has attracted Chinese monks such as Fa Hein and Xuanzang, linking our two ancient nations centuries ago

“I will send a team of farmers and legislators to China to study in detail the development in almost all sectors there. Their roads are amazingly good with green woods capping them all over,” he said, adding, “I got an opportunity to learn a lot in China.”

On China’s energy sector, Nitish said: “I visited several of their electric power plants and found that they were in a position to generate 100 percent of their generating capacity. The feat is appreciable,” he told the Telegraph.

On what should be learnt from the Chinese, Nitish said: “I visited many places like the Great Wall of China and several other places of historical and technological importance. The Chinese people’s dedication and love for the work were etched everywhere.”

During the visit, the delegation went to Shandong (North East province of China), Shanghai and other places and visited thermal power plants, water management centres, manufacturing companies and some villages to interact with farmers. In Beijing, Mr. Kumar met with Yan Junqi, vice chairwoman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, China’s top legislative body, the Indian Association in Shanghai, attended a conference on Buddhism and several top Chinese CEO’s with investment interests in India including Huawei’s top men in India.

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