China promotes Embassy in Delhi, signaling stronger relationship
November 9, 2010

At a time when China and India are courting each other, relinquishing border disputes, equipment and security animosities as a mere hiccup in sino-Indian relations, the Chinese politibureau promoted its Ambassador to India Zhang Yan to the rank of Vice-Minister in the Chinese government. The strategic diplomatic development signals that China considers India to be a significant partner in its growth and development and is looking forward to building a stronger, long term relationship between the neighbors. Beijing normally reserves the designation for Ambassadors from the P5 nations it is strategically aligned with. The P5 or the Permanent 5 is the exclusive club of world’s most powerful countries – USA, United Kingdom, China, France and Russia – who are also permanent members of United Nations Security Council.

While the Chinese ambassador to India isn’t the only Chinese Ambassador to receive the promotion, a signal of diplomatic relationship building between China and nations it considers vital, the promotion signals a maturity in Sino-Indian relations. Post Shiv Shankar Menon’s visit to Beijing and prior to Wen Jaibao’s India visit expected this December, during the 60th year of diplomatic ties between the two nations, the up gradation in post will hopefully boost diplomatic, social, and economic ties between the two nations.

China has for sometime now, been looking at India more as an ally rather than an enemy. Respecting India’s rise along with China’s the middle kingdom has been supportive of growth in India with whom they share ancient ties. Rather than being leveraged against each other to balance Asia as the west claims, both India and China are keen to symbiotically work together for a common good. The two nations have been involved in several trust and cooperation meetings over the past years, to break down barriers and enable a healthier relationship. Besides trade approaching the haloed US$60 billion mark, cultural and educational ties are also laying a solid basis of trust and friendship between the two nations. India and China have never before been more inclined to work with each other than now, with leaders believing that the world is big enough to handle the growth of both the tiger and dragon, India-China cooperation can only grow stronger.

A strong proponent of China-India ties, Ambassador Zhang Yan has been Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in India since December 2007. Prior to his Delhi posting, Ambassador Yan has represented China at the UNSC, APEC and IAEA.

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