China rules Forbes Fab 50 list 2011
September 12, 2011

As debts mount in the west and India and China begin molding their economies into stable, stronger strategic powerhouses, they reflect a majority of the companies represented in the Forbes Asia’s Fab 50 Companies List for the year 2011.

For the first time since the list began in 2005  nearly half – 23 companies – came from China. Although both China and India tied for  16 places in 2010, this year India secured only seven spots in the Fab 50. A sign of the region’s dynamism, India’s Infosys is missing on the list, while China’s Qingdao Haier, the world’s No. 1 white goods brand, made its first appearance.

In terms of industry, technology companies once again dominated the list this year with 8 representatives, down from 11 last year.  The consumer durables industry has the second most representatives with 7 companies followed by food companies with 6 members.  For the second year in a row the Fab 50 list, didn’t have any representative from the oil/gas industry.

The Indian companies that did make it include Asian Paints, Bharti Airtel, HCL Technologies, ITC, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Mahindra & Mahindra, and Tata Consultancy Services. Major Chinese companies that reigned this year include – Agile Property holdings, Anhui Conch Cement, Belle International Holdings, Changsha Zoomlion Heavy Industry Holdings, China Mingniu Dairy, China Merchants Bank etc. For the full list please visit – Forbes Asia’s Fab 50 Companies List for the year 2011.

So how does Forbes pick these companies?

Starting with 1,073 companies that recorded at least US$3 billion in revenue or market capitalization, the team then analyzed each company’s five-year track record for revenue, operating earnings, return on capital, recent results, share-price movements, and finally outlook.

Companies that had too much debt, or which were more than 50 percent government-owned, were tossed out of the list.


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