Chinese firms ramp up hiring in India
March 27, 2012

Localization is integral to doing business in any country today. Understanding a nations work ethics, human resources, language and subtle cultural codes of conduct can make or break any business. The Chinese know this and are arming themselves by dutifully staffing their Indian enterprises with local talent.

Always on the forefront of India-China relations, Inchin Closer offers corporate recruitment services, both for Indians who have learnt Mandarin at Inchin Closer to work in international teams of large firms working closely with China and Chinese companies in India, as well as such firms who are looking for Mandarin speaking talent.

Chinese companies which have taken root in India are aggressive about the Indian market and are keen to employ over 90 percent of their staff locally. Major conglomerates such as Shanghai Electric which has a 10 year deal with Reliance Power to supply 36 coal-fired thermal power generation units, spare parts and related services is one of them.  Telecom majors ZTE and Huawei have already learnt this lesson and are continuously recruiting from the Indian talent pool.

Increasing prices in China, a slowing economy and a focus to sell more to the Indian consumer has made India a highly lucrative neighbor to China. Recently four Chinese private equity firms also approached IIM Kolkata during placement season to hire Indians directly from the prestigious institute.

While localization might be a romantic term for the Chinese to refer to when speaking of staff strength, they also hire Indians for practical reasons.  Firstly, Indians’ do not have to comply for visas or working permits , secondly they know the lay of the land, how to navigate red tapism and speak the language, also Indian talent, like Chinese talent is also highly skilled and lastly, if any Chinese company wants to work in India, they have to satisfy the Indian government, which is happy when employment is generated.

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