Conversational Course

This is a short 15 hour Mandarin fluency course developed to especially help Chinese language students practice their listening comprehension & speaking skills.

Mandarin as its spoken on the streets of Shanghai

Designed around practical everyday situations we all find ourselves in, the course will navigate around Chinese culture, business etiquette and daily life in China while enabling students to speak easily and confidently with locals.


Open to all students of the language who have completed the HSK 1 course, the conversational Mandarin course focuses predominantly on improving and strengthening your communication ability in Mandarin.

Its ideal for you if ….

This course is an excellent option for those who want to give the HSKK examinations or who need to speak with their Chinese customers and clients in Mandarin. Its also a great option for those students who have learnt Mandarin from other institutes but specifically require to understand and speak with locals or want to learn how to apply the language learn for everyday conversations.

During this extremely practical course, the teacher will guide students towards correct pronunciation, application of vocabulary and grammar and give you cultural contexts so you are easily able to navigate personal and business situations in China.


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