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[accordions] [accordion title=”Chinese Vs Mandarin language” active=”yes”]Similar questions are – Is the language called Chinese or Mandarin? / What is the difference between Chinese and Mandarin? The official language of Mainland China is called Mandarin. Chinese has become the generic name for Mandarin nowadays. [/accordion][accordion title=”What are the different dialects of the Chinese language?” active=”yes”]China has 23 provinces and five autonomous regions, each province and autonomous region has its own distinct dialect. Mandarin binds all these provinces and regions by creating one common language for the entire country. [/accordion][accordion title=”How many alphabets in Chinese language?” active=”yes”]Chinese language doesn’t have alphabets, rather they have characters which are derived from pictures. There are more than 10,000 Chinese characters, you need to know a minimum of 3,000 characters to read a newspaper. [/accordion][accordion title=”How to learn Chinese language easily?” active=”yes”]Similar questions are – What is the best way to pick up a Chinese language? / What are some good tips for learning Chinese? / What are some good tips for learning Chinese? Chinese is a logical language to learn, once you have mastered the Chinese tones and learnt the logic behind the characters, the grammar and vocabulary is fairly easy to pick up. In comparison, learning English seems more complicated![/accordion][accordion title=”How long does it take to learn Mandarin?” active=”yes”]It depends on the level you want to achieve. In order to have a basic conversation about the weather and go shopping in China, a month of learning Mandarin regularly should suffice. However, if you do want to master the language well dedicate a few years to learning Mandarin. Nonetheless, most Chinese will also tell you that they are still learning the language, as like any living language, it keeps evolving[/accordion][accordion title=”Mandarin language is spoken in which country” active=”yes”]Similar questions are – What are the languages spoken in China? / Is Mandarin Chinese widely spoken in Asia? / Which countries learn the Chinese language? Mandarin is the national language of China. However Chinese language which is a group of languages spoken in Taiwan, Hongkong, Singapore and Malaysia is widely spoken as China’s economic influence in the region increases. [/accordion][accordion title=”What is Chinese language?” active=”yes”]Similar questions are – What are the different types of Chinese language? / How many forms of the Chinese language are there? Mandarin and Cantonese are the two largest different types of Chinese language. However Mandarin is the official language of Mainland China and Cantonese is a dialect spoken only in the southern province of Guangdong and Hong Kong. Taiwan speaks a language similar to Mandarin although the Taiwanese accent is different and Taiwan uses the traditional Mandarin script Vs China uses simplified Mandarin. At Inchin Closer, we teach the Beijing dialect of Chinese language and the simplified Mandarin script both of which are official and widely spoken across China[/accordion][accordion title=”Why is the Chinese language so complex?” active=”yes”]Similar questions are – Is Chinese the most complicated written language? How hard is learning Chinese? Is learning Chinese hard for a foreign student? Is it hard for an Indian to learn Chinese? Chinese language is one of the five oldest languages of the world. Similar to Latin and Sanskrit. As a result the language has evolved over many centuries and included many different aspects. First it is a phonetic language which means it works on sounds rather than alphabets, secondly it is a pictographic language which means its script is based on pictures. As a result of these two points, Mandarin Chinese is considered to be complex however there is a standard logic throughout the language. Once you understand the logic, learning Mandarin Chinese is not complex, difficult of complicated for anybody.[/accordion][accordion title=”Should I learn Chinese?” active=”yes”]Similar questions are – How useful is it to learn (Mandarin) Chinese?  What foreign languages are worth learning? / What is the future of Mandarin in Asia? If you do see a future in Asia or you would like to work abroad or as part of an international team, learning Chinese language is an important skill to have. As China’s economy ascends and becomes the dominant country in the region, the importance of her national language increases. Speaking Mandarin then opens doors to new opportunities, job prospects and is a standard requirement for most looking for employment in the Asian region. It is definitely a language worth learning![/accordion][/accordions]


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