In addition to the materials – a textbook and CD provided to our students on joining the class, Inchin Closer’s Mandarin language students of all levels are able to access other textbooks and reference materials from Inchin Closer’s resource Library to supplement their language skills. Having imported many of the texts, movies and cultural books from Chinese universities and bookstores, we encourage our students to borrow and enhance their language and cultural skills. Our student resource library caters to all levels of Mandarin and stocks content for adults, businessmen and children.

Interested students can see the titles below and write to Inchin Closer with a request to borrow them. There is a Rs. 200 fee to borrow a book / DVD for two weeks, a fine of Rs. 500 for late delivery and Rs. 1000 for irresponsibility and loss.

If you are unable to attend our classes but are interested in buying our teaching materials please do write in to us through our bookstore, requesting for a specific level of book and / or CD, quantity required and postal address.



要是您无法参加我们的课程,但仍然有兴趣购买我们的教材请发邮件给我们告知您所需要的课本的名称和/或CD 并注明所需数量及邮寄地址。