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image (2)Few days back I spoke about how, if you are a visitor in India, you are bound to come across some or other Festival. There is one more thing that I forgot to mention which you come across in India on a frequent basis is The big “E” – Elections. There are a lot of parties in India such as national parties, regional parties and local ones. Believe it or not, since the elections are always held in different regions at different times, it is normal that you may just see some activities of elections while traveling within India. The levels of elections can be huge event as National Elections, State Elections, or smaller ones like District Elections, Municipal Elections and Gram Panchayat Elections (to elect head of villages). No matter what happens ahead, be rest assured its elected by the people. If you are in Maharashtra these days, congratulations, you can have a close look at how excited people are. 15 Oct, while I am writing this blog, people of Maharashtra, the largest state in western India are voting to form a state government. From 7am to 6pm, people can go and vote for their favorite political party. India takes pride in its democracy. Air Max 2016 Flyknit Goedkoop It is considered an extremely vibrant democracy. People from all classes and castes come out and vote depending on their own wishes. To show that they encourage their employee to participate in this event, many companies allow their employees to leave the office early or come slightly late. Some offices even give a day off to make sure their staff won’t miss the event. Congress, BJP two national parties and Shiv Sena a strong regional party are the 3 major contenders for these elections. Mr. Nike Air Presto Schoenen Dame Goedkoop Modi too has campaigned extensively here for his party BJP. What made him come to Mumbai twice within few days? Why did the related news catch so many peoples’ eyes? Basically, Maharashtra is a huge province and with Mumbai as the capital, power here means access to huge money. Recently in May, India made history of sought. After 30 years, India collectively voted a strong prime minister with absolute majority to a single party and the result, gentlemen called Mr. Nike Free Run 2 Goedkoop Narendra Modi as the head of the nation. However, will his personal charm help BJP to win the election in Maharashtra? So far, nobody knows. Shiv Sena has a large amount of supporters in this region since many years. It is always the favorite party for most of native Maharashtra people. Social media is full of people showing inked finger selfies and news channel busy talking of numbers, this is one time in India, when dividers get united and unity gets divided, of course in a nice way. Good Luck to All. The result will be out on 19th!

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