Hazare finds support in China
August 30, 2011

Anna Hazare’s crusade against corruption has erupted over the Himalaya’s and is finding support, sympathy and understanding amongst China’s youth. Dismayed by the corruption bogging down their own elected representatives post the Sichuan earthquake, train crash, milk poisoning, and multiple other incidents,  the Chinese are empathizing with the little man from Maharashtra who has coalesced the country to fight corruption through non-violence.

Besides the Indian community in China, the locals too are finding a voice in Hazare’s drive, charisma and enthusiasm to beat corruption. “Savouring Victory”, read the headline in China Daily which featured a photograph of him on the front page, drinking honey laced coconut water offered by children.“India celebrates Hazare’s win”, read the headline in another state-run newspaper Global Times which also carried a cartoon of Anna with a stitched mouth, with the angel of Mahatma Gandhi looking admiringly at him from behind (see pic).

Covering both English and Chinese local media, as well as popular microblogging websites in China, the youth expressed their concerns with corruption, recalling President Hu Jintao’s pledge to make its eradication the number one priority of his government during his speech on the 90th year anniversary celebrations of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC).

As frustration and a sense of inequality grows in both China and India, the pace and furor against corruption, is rising. Over the past few months, both nations which have seen unprecedented growth levels are feeling the social pinch which comes with a rapidly changing society. Unable to grapple with the yawning gap between the haves and have-nots, governments are crumbling and social unrest is rapidly rising. Support from within the nation as well as internationally is fueling public sentiment. Both government will have to loosen the leash on the public, become more transparent and accountable. Its time for people power!

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