Inchin Closer at the World Economic ForumInchin Closer at the World Economic Forum
September 13, 2013

Nazia Vasi, Founder, CEO, Inchin CloserA representative of the Mumbai Global Shapers Community at the World Economic Forum, Annual Meeting of New Champions, in Dalian, China Inchin Closer Founder and CEO, Nazia Vasi got a ring side view of the thought leaders, discussions and opinions shaping the world.

A three day conference in the mountainous seaside resort town neighboring Korea, summer Davos as the conference is otherwise known – was a great platform to meet and understand game changers the world over. Selected as one of the four representatives from India, Ms. Vasi was particularly interested in learning more about the evolving education space. The need for teaching online Vs offline, a blended approach to teaching or a mass based tutoring via MOOC’s. The options are plenty and while the vote was definitely in favour of a more online approach, the experience of discussing the same with education veterans from both prestigious Chinese as well as American universities was enlightening and resourceful. Hearing about how cities in Africa educate their youth via mobile phones because students don’t have access to brick and mortar classrooms, how MOOC’s work well as a fun way to learn, but do not yet replace a university degree, how culture plays such an important role in defining the success of an online educational tool and how students are broadly benefiting from interacting with peers around the world, were all issues that were debated and discussed on both a global and local level.

Panning various interactive formats, the WEF conference enabled Ms. Vasi to express her views as a fledgling India-China language and cultural consultancy that was gradually taking root and influencing international relations, all the while learning from world change makers. Complemented on the brand name Inchin Closer by David G. Brooks Chairman, Coca Cola, Greater China region and Korea, Ms. Vasi also interacted with Sheryl Sandberg, Mr. Richard Lesser, President and CEO of BCG on the road ahead for Chinese companies going global , Mr. S D Shibulal, CEO and MD Infosys, Mr. David Li, Director Center for China in the World Economy, Tsinghua University, China editors of the Economist, Financial Times etc. in addition to young global leaders, global growth companies and global shapers from across the world.

Ms. Vasi’s personal key take aways from the conference were that the world is getting increasingly diverse and specialising in one particular space is essential in carving your niche.

The global axis has shifted East and the world is increasingly looking at China, while a majority of Chinese companies are simultaneously looking at going global, they will have a steep learning curve and will have to adapt to local markets.

Lastly, the future of education is taking it online, involving, interacting with and innovating with platforms. Its a highly dynamic space which is currently undergoing a huge overhaul as technology triumphs and classrooms get creative.

All in all, the world is moving at a phenomenal rate of change and adaptability is key.

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