India & China’s contribution to the Royal Wedding
April 29, 2011

India and China are no strangers to the Royal wedding of  Prince William and Kate that’s expected to commence in a few hours. Indians are known for their flamboyant week-long song and dance extravaganza weddings, while no wedding is ever shy of porcelain China from China.

Bringing their best game to the wedding of the century, both colonial nations have sent in their best representatives – India, a Gujarati grocery store couple, the cake made by Kishore Patel’s company, and political and religious leaders while China has offered a porcelain tea set, a portrait of the newlyweds by Chinese artist Yee Ting Chang,  a hand-carved kettle-shaped stone from Suzhou, with images of jujubes, peanuts and longans. Entitled Zaoshengguizi, or “to produce a distinguished child soon”, the stone contains a blessing in the Chinese names of the fruits and nuts depicted on its surface. Meanwhile, the wedding memorabilia is made of bone China which was mostly produced in Tangshan city in Northwest China. The factory  has so far sent 45 thousand pieces of royal wedding chinaware to Britain.

Although its being held miles away from the either emerging power both have a strong role to play in the celebrations. Ambassadors of both China and India will be present at the wedding and being two of the largest immigrant communities in the UK, citizen’s of China and India are expected to show up in force. Chu Ting Tang, chairman of London Chinatown Chinese Association, told China People’s Daily,  that he hoped Prince William and Kate would pay a visit to Chinatown soon after the wedding to taste Chinese food and experience Chinese culture.

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