Indian city names in Mandarin
April 17, 2023

Crazy about Cricket? Want to know how to pronounce Indian city names in Mandarin? Inchin Closer decodes all the city and state names that have inspired teams of the IPL 2023. Whether your favourite cricketer is Dhoni, Gujarat Titan’s Hardik Pandya or Royal Challengers Bangalore’s Virat Kohli, knowing how to properly pronounce Indian city names is a useful skill.

Since most teams of the Indian Premier League are based on Indian city names (barring three states – Punjab, Gujarat and Rajasthan), Inchin Closer helps you with how to pronounce them in Mandarin. Once you know how to stay these IPL city and state names in Mandarin you can use them to introduce yourself, say where you and your company are from as well as talk about your company’s branches, expansion plans or offices.

All proper nouns have Chinese names

Names of most cities and states across the world are assigned phonetically in Mandarin. For example. India’s commercial capital and cricketer Rohit Sharma’s team is pronounced similar to the way its said locally – Mèng mǎi. Pay attention to the tones, but the pronunciation is very close to its original. Likewise, Chennai, the soulful Southern Indian city on the East Coast of India is Qīn nài, again similar to it’s Hindi equivalent.

Assigning proper nouns phonetically is a classic Mandarin trait. It’s used for brands, names of companies and people, including names of cities and countries. Can you guess the name for India?

Usually, the Chinese don’t delve into the meaning of the name while assigning a Chinese name. The Mandarin name of proper nouns is assigned based on how it sounds in its native tongue. The Chinese assign Mandarin names to proper nouns so that they are both easier to pronounce and easier to remember – the sounds being familiar.

Inchin Closer assigns students with Chinese names

This is the reason, Inchin Closer assigns our students with Chinese names. This lends authenticity, originality and a sense of localisation when you introduce yourself in China. The unique name given by our teachers to all students is well thought out based on gender, personality and the sound of your name in its original language.

Owning a Chinese name is special and makes you unforgettable with the Chinese. Its also highly impressive and useful during business meetings and conferences to print out your name in Chinese on one side of the card and English on the other side. This ensures that everybody, regardless of a language barrier can read your name and will remember it.

Selecting the appropriate name for your brand in China

For those that want to create a Chinese name or give your brand a Chinese name, we’d suggest don’t go for a name thats been google translated or generated by any online software. Please approach a professional – like Inchin Closer, who will be able to give your brand the proper respect by researching the characters associated with it, the philosophy and history of the brand. There are ample case studies on the internet about brands failing miserably after thoughtlessly selecting a Chinese brand name. Most often these names have backfired badly and the brand has either had to withdraw from the Chinese market completely or re-strategise and re-brand itself.

So learn the names of these Indian cities well. They can help you in both personal and business situations.

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