Indian entrepreneurs succeed in ChinaIndian entrepreneurs succeed in China
April 8, 2015

indian professionalsAs China’s economy slows, umpteen articles document the rise of Chinese companies globally. Few have looked at what inroads Indians have mapped into the dragons lair. As the world turns towards India for hope, Inchin Closer looks at a growing trend of Indians who have made China their home.

Having settled in the Middle Kingdom, many Indians have either set up businesses or joined existing conglomerates to prosper within China. First Indians ventured into China just on official assignments, often spanning a year or two. Sent by their Indian company to spread wings in a booming Chinese economy. A majority of these professionals, stayed within themselves, ate Indian food and yearn for the time they would return.

Few made local Chinese friends or even bothered to learn more than Ni hao. However with the recent flourish of Sino-Indian ties, many Indians are seeing more merit in China than returning back to India. Entrepreneurs, those who want to break away from the mundane in Mumbai or the drudgery of Delhi decide to move and either start a business of their own or join an existing multinational, finally settling in to China.

While few Indians have married Chinese women and stayed in China for a multitude of reasons – standard of living, higher salaries etc, Inchin Closer has noticed a steady wave of Indian entrepreneurs starting businesses in China. Take for example Ranjit Singh who runs Fugumobile from Shanghai.  A highly successful Chinese company that helps brands advertise across media for maximum eyeballs. Having lived in Shanghai for more than 12 years, Ranjit understands the Chinese mindset which is crucial is running a business in China. He has his pulse on the market and as a result has been able to profitable conquer Chinese consumers.

Another example is Megh Kalyanasundaram, who initially worked for NIIT, an Indian software training company, but now having made Shanghai his home, looks after sales and marketing at IBM Shanghai.

Bivash Mukherjee an Indian journalist settled into Shanghai 14 years ago when he got a great job at the time with Shanghai Daily, a local English newspaper for the commercial city.


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