Is Clean India only a dream?整洁的印度不再是梦?
March 2, 2014

rajghatHave you ever seen a Prime Minister sweeping the street with such a proud? Just got down the flight from his US trip, the Prime Minister Modi surprised whole India again by holding the broom in front of the public… 2 October, it is always a very special date in every Indian’s heart. It is the birth anniversary of the father of the nation – Mr. Mahatma Gandhi. asics femme pas cher He led India to independence and inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world. His idea of “nonviolent civil disobedience” has been influencing on many generations. However, very less people knew that there was one more thing he was keen on – the cleanliness of the nation that has been left beyond for many years. But, this year, at the ceremony of his 145th birth anniversary, PM Modi launched the biggest campaign ever -“Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” (Clean India). He is aimed at making India a clean country by 2019 in order to fulfill the dream of Gandhi at his 150th anniversary. rajghat你曾经看到过一位总理如此自豪地清扫着大马路?刚刚走下访美归来的飞机,莫迪总理再一次让整个印度震惊了。这次却是拿着扫把站在了大众的面前! 每年的10月2日,对所有的印度人来说都是一个特殊的日子就是伟大民族领袖“圣雄甘地”的诞辰纪念日。这是个公共假日,全国上下都会通过各种形式来缅怀这位为印度独立民主奋斗了一身的杰出人物。可是很少有人知道他毕生都渴望将印度变成一个整洁的国家。然而就在甘地诞辰145周年之际,新任总理莫迪在他的纪念仪式上向全国人民公开倡导了一个全新的运动-“Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”意为“干净的印度”。 nike air max 2017 dames 旨在用五年的时间-也就是到2019年圣雄甘地诞辰150周年时完成并实现他的遗愿。 那么莫迪总理是如何以身作则,首当其冲地诠释这次运动的呢?首先,他做出承诺保证保持环境的清洁并投入时间打扫。自己要做到“我不乱丢垃圾,也不允许别人随地乱扔。”他强调本次运动不涉及政治,只单纯出于“我们”对国家的热爱。他已经邀请了9个人加入并要求他们到公共场所做清扫后再指定9个人延续这个活动。他坚信“印度会变整洁,印度人民可以做到!” 一经媒体的报导整个印度沸腾了,社会各界名流无论是宝来坞的明星大腕还是板球界的高手精英都纷纷响应他的挑战,向这位拿起扫把的总理学习。乍一看倒是有点像印度版的“冰桶挑战”。他还在自己的社交网站上放上了一张经他清扫后的大街的照片并语重心长地对大众说:“改变大家的既定思维是需要时间的。这是一项艰巨的任务。但是我们有五年时间去实现。” 最后,他说到“这个运动不能只靠莫迪,莫迪只是12亿人中的一个… 这应该是所有人民的责任。”那到底有多少人会受到他的感染真正地养成爱清洁的好习惯呢? 最为长期在印度居住的外国人,我看到了在莫迪当上总理后印度民众对政府态度的改变。他们对莫迪和他的政府寄予了厚望。人民是乐观的,充满信心的。不得不承认这是一项非常有意义的活动,莫迪总理也与时共进知道用什么方式可以带动全民的斗志。他在国人心中的魅力也不能小觑。 oakley femme pas cher 可是中国俗话说“三代才出一个贵族。”那短短的五年能改变民众的观念吗?整洁干净的印度不再是梦?圣雄甘地的遗愿能实现?让我们为印度祝福吧,时间会证明一切! 我会支持莫迪,中印咫尺也支持,那你能?别忘了和我们分享你的看法。After his announcement, entire India warmed up for this event. The photo of him holding the broom and sweeping the street became so popular in all kinds of social media. He also invited 9 people to come to public places and work towards clean India. Of course they need to challenge the other 9 people afterwards to assure this activity will keep going on. air max 1 pas cher He highlighted that “This campaign is above politics, this is purely due to our love for the nation.” He hopes that all Indian will take a part of it. Many famous people such as popular Bollywood stars and cricket players have accepted his challenge and were very supportive. It becomes like an Indian version of “Ice-bucket challenge”. However, just like PM Modi said by himself “This is not about Modi… Modi is only one of its 1.2 billion people… This is people’s task.” How many Indians will be inspired by him, really follow his idea and build up good habits? — It is not easy to change peoples’ mindset, is it? As a foreigner living in India for many years, I can feel the difference after Mr. Modi becomes the PM. People have high expectations towards him and his government. People are excited and full of hopes. I have no doubt about his charm among his people, but is 5-year long enough? Will Mr. Gandhi’s dream be fulfilled by Mr.

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