More Chinese now speak Hindi
September 9, 2011

Chinese is the worlds most spoken language, but Hindi India’s national language is gaining ground in China. As job opportunities between China and India sprout, conglomerates are looking for talented staff who are conversant in both Mandarin and Hindi, that are at ease in both countries and understand each others cultures. In a world where China and India are center stage, young students are realizing the importance of knowing each others languages.

The growing trend seen across China and India, means that not only are Indians keen to learn Mandarin, but the Chinese too are also eager to study Hindi and Sanskrit. To promote the language across the bamboo curtain, the Indian Embassy in Beijing recently organized Hindi day celebrations, where, Chinese students studying Hindi in different colleges across Beijing recited poems penned by them as well as those by well known Indian poets while others presented Indian cultural performances.

Chinese students who graduated in Hindi have gained good employment opportunities in  Indian and Chinese firms, Binod Singh, who teaches Hindi in Beijing Foreign Studies University said. The program in most Chinese colleges is similar to learning Mandarin in India – a four-year intensive language program followed by a year in India to practice their language skills.


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