Record Chinese students take the GMAT; aspire for US Universities
April 10, 2012

Chinese students outnumbered their Indian classmates in US and European Universities in 2010, a year later they broke a new record – Chinese students are now the highest number of GMAT examinees worldwide.

The Graduate Management Admission Test  or GMAT is a basic entry level exam taken to help a US university adjudge a students level of logic and reasoning. The exam which is based on maths and English comprehension skills saw a whopping increase in the number of Chinese students taking the exam. India was the second highest citizen group in terms of GMAT score reports sent in TY 2011 (112,725) behind China (126,090). 40,069 Chinese citizens took the exams in TY 2011, up from 13,048 in TY 2007.

The number of examinees is reflected in the number of students who attend US universities, which not only offer them a brighter future, a better education system and the chance to perfect their English – automatically doubling their salaries. In 2010, a total of 127,628 students from China attended U.S. institutions of higher learning, making up 19 percent of international students in the U.S. India, which had been the leading source of international students since 2001-2002, supplied 104,897 in 2009-2010.

China’s one child policy which lays unprecedented importance on a child’s achievements, career prospects and ability to make lots of money to not only support their extended family but also buy a house and car have left many students with no option but to go abroad and earn a degree from a foreign university. Therefore guaranteeing not only a higher paying job but also face in a society where dignity and social status are important.

In comparison, Indian students as compared to their compatriots 20 years ago don’t aspire as much for a Western education. With opportunities opening up worldwide, entrepreneurship a lucrative business model and the Indian economy promising good times ahead, fewer Indians as before are seen in US and European Universities.

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