S. M. Krishna and to- be Premier of China confer in Beijing
June 6, 2012

Its a steller moment when one gets invited to be introduced to the new leaders that will steer China into the next decade. As a new team begins a new term next year, the world will look on to bear witness to the direction they will show. As China’s prominance increases, so does the opinions of her leaders worldwide, and getting a ring side view to the new representatives on Wednesday was India’s External Affairs Minister S. M Krishna.

Krishna met Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang in Beijing to be acquainted with the new league of leaders to come under Mr. Li, who is expected to succeed current Premier Wen Jiabao. With a new leader comes a new manner of governance and leadership, given that a new prime minister arrives on the scene only once in ten years.

Although the day’s agenda was to participate in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Summit (SCO), both leaders recognised the rendez-vous as a chance to discuss strategies to enhance relations between the two biggest developing powers in the world.

The current leaders of both countries have so far taken great pains to establish a functional relationship which could influence and reflect the political, economic, cultural and business ties between the nations as a whole. The rapport the two have built over the years has evidently taken a lot of effort, which can only mean that in order to maintain this level of understanding the two parties will have to endeavour continuously and perhaps in a manner different than earlier. Mr. Li, belonging to a new generation, is widely held to be more liberal than his to- be predecessor. “The Communist Party of China will not alter the adopted approach and strategy towards India,” he said in an interview, as reported in The Hindu.

Meeting before Mr. Li takes over can only be beneficial- the discussion will be highly valuable in aiding him to better formulate his political agenda and establish a strategy to work on.

While several are apprehensive about the political transition that is to take place, we at Inchin Closer don’t believe that it will effect so drastic a change as to capsize the relations that have taken so many years to build. It seems like far too big a gamble to risk losing favour with the other. Both the leaders recognise that in order to completely become the globe’s leading powers, it is imperative to join forces; each knows it cannot realise its ambition without the other.

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