Summer of cultural exchanges
May 20, 2010

It’s a summer of cultural exchanges marking the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and India. The two nations have firmed up plans for a photo exhibition, cultural dances and screening of each other’s movies , across cities in both nations during the next few weeks.  Musicians from each nation have also composed a joint medley using instruments intrinsic to the cultures of both nations which will be presented to Indian President Pratibha Patil when she visits China next week. The video of this medley can be viewed by clicking on the picture alongside.

While diplomatic and economic relations between the two countries continue to blow hot and cold, it is important for the people of the two nations to understand each other better. The high volume of business exchange between China and India, has prompted many citizens to increasingly understand the others culture recently. While rooted to the same Asian culture, both the Chinese and Indians are increasingly interested in each others way of life. It is this better understanding of each others cultures that will eventually lead to more fruitful business ties, trust and cooperation between India and China.

Realizing the huge economic benefits, citizens and businessmen of both nations are trying to get to know each others culture better. Many learn local languages, pick up local names and mingle with locals in order to get to know the culture and as a consequence conduct a more successful foreign business. However the number of people who have a good knowledge of culture in both nations are few and far between, it will take yet many more years of cultural exchanges and intermingling for a majority of the people to understand each other better. For now, economics is driving cultural integration and both governments are playing catalysts.


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