Translation / Interpretation

With a combined population of 1.5million+ active speakers, Mandarin and Hindi are the two most widely spoken languages on the planet. While English continues to be the language of business, there are often times when local translations or interpretations are necessary.

In order for language not to a barrier to your business, we offer translation / interpretation services.

Translation: Language experts fluent in English, Mandarin and Hindi, can translate official documents, presentations, e-mails, websites and any other company information within a stipulated time frame. All our translations are authentic and keep in mind the tone and meaning of the document translated.

Interpretation: Visiting trade fairs, corresponding with suppliers and doing business in INCHIN can often be daunting without knowing the national language. We help our customers understand their clients better by interpreting both offline and online communications for them.

For more information on Translation / Interpretation in INCHIN please contact us at [email protected]