Translation and Interpretation (翻译和口译)

Inchin Closer’s native Chinese professionals bring authenticity and localisation to your texts and conversations

Getting your point across precisely is important to every business. Whether you’re installing a machine or translating a film script. At Inchin Closer, we understand the gravity you place in communicating effectively, correctly and making sure the listener has understood the intent of your voice. Thats why we have cost-effective, time bound solutions for every industry, business or professional.

We can handle all types of documents and events

Whether it’s to translate legal documents, presentations, e-mails, websites or official communications, Inchin Closers bilingual experts can help you express yourself efficiently within a stipulated time frame. All our translations are authentic and keep in mind the tone and meaning of the document translated.

Our wide range of expertise

Our experience ranges from having translated Mahindra & Mahindra’s official corporate website entirely into Mandarin to having done translations and voice overs for corporate films and legal letters for both corporates and lawyers. As a value addition, we work with graphic designers to enable you to customise and present your work eloquently.

To know more about our translation and interpretation services, fees and time lines write in to us at: or call / whatsapp +91 98700 90966 for details. 


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