Two high level meetings to strengthen ties
November 16, 2012

Indian and Chinese heads of state, ministers and other high ranking government officials are expected to meet at two very influential summits within the next week. The first is the ongoing ASEAN Summit in the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh and the next the BOAO Summit in Mumbai. Cumulatively the nations are expected to discuss better regional and bilateral economic exchanges, dropping trade barriers and flourishing trade. It is a time for love to triumph evil.

The BOAO Forum, which is largely China led and has concentrated on China’s rise in the region, will for the first time hold a Forum outside the Middle Kingdom. The significance of the location – Mumbai – India’s financial capital only seeks to display China’s sincerity towards her neighbour as a rising trading partner. The BOAO Forum which will see heads from the People’s Bank of China – the apex bank and China Investment Corporation will discuss bettering regional financial markets the Asian way.

Prime ministers of both nations are also expected to meet on the sidelines of the ASEAN Summit. Marking one of the last few occasions that out going Prime Minister Wen Jaibao will meet his counterpart Manmohan Singh, the meeting is expected to be warm and friendly, with both nations nudging each other to open their vast markets further. Also during the ASEAN summit, India hopes to concretize its

The growing proximity of China – India relations is both heart-warming and interesting to watch. As the elephant and dragon tango, crucial linkages connecting not only her economies but also her people, cities and educational institutions are being formed. Of late, China and India have made significant strides into each others economies, boosting bilateral trade and even partnering internationally. Trade is as a result inchin softer bilateral issues further. As tourism picks up and more Indians and Chinese visit each others countries, we will understand each other better, trust each other more and together build the Asian century!


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