Wen and Singh meet to push bilateral ties one last time
June 22, 2012

Its one of the last few times the close friends will meet as heads of their respective states, yet when China’s Premier Wen Jiabao and India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh met on the sidelines of the of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development or G20+ summit in Rio de Janerio recently they chalked out some sound strategic moves.

The two leaders who have spearheaded their countries through thick and thin over the past five years, agreed the time was ripe for increased bilateral investments and youth and media exchanges. They also noted that now was time to further consolidate their political and strategic mutual trust and make sure that their relations will move forward on the right track.

Noting that the two neighbors are both large developing countries, Wen said, “the rapid development of both countries and the steady improvement of their relations have brought huge changes to the world.”

In the last decade, he said, China and India established and developed a strategic and cooperative partnership, formulated several important dialogue mechanisms and maintained peace in the border region.

He also lauded the rapidly growing Chinese-Indian trade, the increasingly frequent people-to-people exchanges and the joint efforts in safeguarding the interests of developing countries on major international issues.

For his part, Singh said India attaches great importance to its relationship with China and regards it as an important component of India’s modernization strategy and a pillar of world peace and stability.

India is willing to work with China to strengthen strategic communication and coordination,maintain peace on the frontier and promote economic and trade cooperation, he added.

Culminating an important meeting before both relinquish power early next year, the two leaders laid out a clear agenda for the new leadership to follow. Come next year Win Jiabao’s position will be taken over by Xi Jinping, while India will face elections in 2014.

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