Who should attend the Shanghai Expo 2010?
April 20, 2010

About to commence in 10 days, the Shanghai Expo 2010 is not a trade fair.  Businessmen should not expect to visit the Expo to display their products, meet potential buyers or sellers or pass around cards to network. Further, attending the expo without setting up prior meetings will also prove to be fruitless.

Rather, the Shanghai Expo is an event where 190 countries and 50 international organisations are expected to display a more sustainable way of life.  Themed ‘Better City – Better Life’ each country’s pavilion will show case the nation’s culture, ways in which its people  live in harmony and the nations efforts in reducing the effects of climate change, global warming and increasing use of energy efficiency.

The Indian pavillion is a 4,000-square-meter domed structure (Pic above) inspired by the Sanchi stupa built in the Maurya Dynasty (about 321-187 BC) by King Ashoka.  The Indian pavillion themed “Cities of Harmony,”  will focus on the integration between urban and rural areas within the same city. Visitors will be led through street settings and traditional Indian ways of living in harmony localled termed  ‘Mohallahs’.  The pavillion will also display how India’s poor live in economic housing in harmony with the rich and conservation of natural resources like lakes and urban amenities being undertaken by the government in various cities and urban areas. The dome structure partly built by bamboo will generate energy from solar and wind power and  house an Indian food court and locally grown herbs. Additionally, India will display traditional Indian dances such as the Odissi and show a documentary on poet Rabindranath Tagore’s influence in China.

Inchin Closer can guide visitors interested in the Shanghai Expo as well as help Indian companies set up meetings with potential companies in China. In order to know more about how you can best leverage your business at the Shanghai Expo write in to us at: [email protected]

In order to read more about the Indian Pavillion click here


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