Wishing you Galloping success!Wishing you Galloping success!
January 21, 2014

year of the horseAs the year of the Horse gallops in, we reign in change, adventure, decisive action success and romance. The year of the noble animal is expected to see economies and financial markets flourish, those in the fields of education, communications, real estate, energy, electronics, food, entertainment, textile and medicine will have a favorable year while those in automobile, travel, finance, mining, clothing and trading are expected to trot along.

A fun, open and cheerful animal, the year of the Horse in general is expected to bring a more positive aura to the world. While this definitely isn’t the year to gamble your earnings, growth and innovation are expected to be the buzzwords for this year. The domesticated horse which once roamed wild and free will bring in new beginnings as well as breakthroughs in several industries from medicine to education. New theories, alternate technologies, increased efficiency and intelligent systems will be key this horse year.

While natural calamities are expected to be heightened in certain parts of the world, South East Asia and the Middle East will also be prone to more political  conflicts. India – China relations are expected to prosper as both economies grow in support of each other. India is most likely to see a change in her political helm and exports will rise as compared to this year of the snake. Similarly, the horse year favours China, with growth predicted to be rise to 10 percent, domestic disturbances to be resolved and Chinese companies to acquire many more foreign assets.

2014 also throws caution to the wind and tells people to stop horsing around, to take care of their health – especially respiratory system and avoid conflicts. While there will be growth, improvement and harmony during the first few months of the year, the latter half can get caustic. Astrologers suggest to channelise this energy towards more romantic gestures instead. Intuitive and forth right, the horse will lead you on a wild ride this year! Make it a galloping success!

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